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  Umpire Program

Beekman Athletic Club has one of the few remaining In House Umpire programs in the area.  The success of this program is based on the commitment from those that are a part of it.


Each season, there will be a clinic run by Umpire in Chief, Managers and/or Coaches that will teach all umpires what they need to officiate a game including:

  • Where to be positioned for each play
  • How to establish and maintain a consistent Strike Zone
  • Setting expectations and reviewing rules before each game
  • Rules for each division
  • How to handle appeals
  • How to handle assistance with a rule
  • How to handle Code of Conduct violations


Each Umpire will receive a Rule Book, 4-Dial Baseball Indicator, and shirt at the clinic.  Protective gear (outside body protector, shin guards & mask) will be provided for each game.


Umpires are scheduled by the Umpire in Chief based on Availability Form


Umpires will complete an online Game Completion form


Umpires will be paid monthly by the Treasurer at 7:30pm before the BAC Board Meeting held on the first Friday of each month at Beekman Town Hall.


Managers and coaches will submit evaluations to be reviewed by the Umpire in Chief and President.  Follow-up  training will be provided in areas that need improvement



  • Umpires must be at least 13 years old as of April 30
  • Umpires must participate in a pre-season clinic



  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game
  • Take charge of each game and promote a fun, fair environment
  • Have an understanding of the rules and the ability to enforce them
  • Submit Availability form on time each week
  • Complete Game Completion forms within 48 hours of each game